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Mineonline.com.au - Australia's Mining Industry Directory


mineonline.com.au is simply a referral forum. We are paid a fixed advertising fee by mining businesses Australia-wide to advertise their products and services in our directory.

We allow material to be put on our sites in good faith. Where we become aware of errors or inaccuracies we remove the material. We make some verification checks and when a complaint is made about a company or business we try to verify that complaint and if proven to our satisfaction we remove the material. However, any check made by us does not provide you with any promise as to the truth of the material on our sites.

Promotional Material

We have the right to send email to the email address' provided to us by each business, this will include only relevant mineonline.com.au correspondance material as well as promotions from our advertisors.


You will be invoiced every 12 months from the listing date to renew your mineonline.com.au advertising subscription. You may cancel this subscription at any time by contacting our staff via support@mineonline.com.au.

Customer Information Privacy Policy

The information supplied to mineonline.com.au is stored in a protected database and is only used to contact you for reasons related to the mineonline.com.au web site. Your information will not be sold, or passed onto any third party without your permission. This excludes our credit card payment solution where by your information is sent and processed by the PayPal terminal. Your stored records can be accessed at anytime by contacting our staff via support@mineonline.com.au

Payment Security

All credit card payments are made via PayPal on behalf of mineonline.com.au. PayPal utilizes the world's most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems to create a safe, global, real-time payment solution. 

We have the right to change these terms of use at any time without notice.